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Many people believe that the best time to start landscaping is during spring and summer, when the plants are in full bloom. While doing light landscaping and maintenance during these times is not a bad idea, we recommend doing full landscaping and trimming during the fall.

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Why Landscape During Fall?

Fall is a fantastic time to landscape because the ground is relatively dry. There aren’t any “April Showers” to worry about. The ground is also still soft, unlike in the winter months when it freezes over. Landscaping requires soft soil and dry ground because planting new flowers, bushes, and trees is easier under these conditions.

Landscaping during the fall avoids the summer heat and winter freeze, making conditions for workers comfortable. This is around the time where leaves begin to fall off trees and some bushes, making it easier to trim exactly which branches you want.

A HUGE reason to run your annual landscaping in fall is to give the plants time to adjust before the harsh weather conditions of winter.

If you need and landscaping done on your rental or multifamily home, reach out to Traprock Landscaping.