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Expert Sod Installation and Lawn Services in Rhode Island

Growing a lawn from seeds is a time-consuming and laborious task. Sod installation ensures that you have a green, healthy lawn in no time! Traprock Landscaping provides expert sod lawn installation services that are sure to meet your expectations.

Benefits of Sod Installation

Instant Results

Sod installation delivers instant results, giving you a lush green lawn within hours of installation.

Erosion Control

Sod helps to prevent soil erosion, protecting your landscape from damage caused by heavy rainfall or wind.

Weed Control

The thick lawn created by sod installation helps to prevent weeds from growing, saving time and energy on weeding.

“Our sod is locally sourced to ensure better quality and healthy lawns.”

Professional Sod Installation Services

Transforming your lawn from patchy to lusciously green takes more than just elbow grease. When you invest in sod installation, you want to trust that the professionals for the job understand the process that can impact the health of your lawn for years to come. At Traprock Landscaping, our team has decades of experience in sod installation and will keep you informed every step of the way:

Sod Lawn Installation in Rhode Island

Installing sod is an investment and lack of care can result in an unhealthy lawn. Fortunately, Traprock Landscaping offers a variety of lawn maintenance services to keep your new sod looking great for years to come.

Premium Lawn Care Services

A well-maintained lawn gives you a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy year-round. We offer expert lawn care services to help you achieve a lush and healthy lawn that stands out in your neighborhood.

Lawn Maintenance Services Near Me

Our lawn-cutting service is designed to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy. We understand that a properly cut lawn is not only visually appealing but also has health benefits such as promoting thicker grass and reducing the risk of pests and diseases. Our team of expert professionals will ensure your lawn is cut to the proper height, leaving it looking tidy and healthy.

Traprock offers bi-weekly lawn-cutting services in Summer and Fall, ensuring your lawn is always looking at its best.

Our lawn seeding service is ideal for homeowners who want to restore bare patches or improve their lawn’s overall look. Our team of professionals uses top-quality seed and specialized equipment, ensuring even coverage across your entire lawn. Seeding is critical to creating a lush green landscape, increasing turf density, and reducing the risk of weed growth.

Our Lawn Aeration service is designed to help optimize the health of your lawn by increasing soil air exchange, water penetration, and fertilizer uptake. Our experts use industry-standard equipment to perforate your lawn’s soil with small holes, allowing it to breathe and facilitate the absorption of nutrients to the roots. This service promotes healthy, thick turf and fights against soil compaction, promoting optimal growth.

If your lawn has excess leaves or debris in the soil thatch, it can create a barrier that may suffocate the grassroots. Our Lawn Dethatching Service ensures that the thatch buildup is carefully removed, promoting enriched soil that is free from unwanted debris. With our specialized equipment and expert staff, our Lawn Dethatching Service effectively strengthens and promotes a healthy lawn.

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Lawn & Sod

Looking to get sod? Sod is a quick fix for a healthy and green lawn. Quickly choose the right type of grass for your property with Traprock Landscaping.


Installing sod either on the whole yard or in a small patch.

Commercial Sod

Sodding a business area, golf course or stadium. 

Custom Grass Types

Choose the best type of grass for your area. Either for looks, or sun tolerance.

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